Waldorf Words of Wisdom


Ahh Blair Waldorf, an icon in my eyes and my own definition of ‘goals’ if I’m perfectly honest.

Okay okay, she was kind of a bitch (something she herself owns up to), but you’d be lying through your teeth if you denied that there wasn’t at least a couple of zingers and epic take downs that didn’t secretly make you want to put on a headband, hire your own Dorota, gather a couple of minions and exchange witty banter with your own Chuck Bass.

I don’t know about you but I miss my weekly dose of Waldorf one-liners. Every once in a while in the big scary overwhelming world wide web I stumble (scroll really) across a Blair Waldorf image or quote that makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and ready to take down a glamorous socialite slash con artist. I feel refreshed, it’s like therapy! Suddenly I feel a little more confident, glam, witty.

I strongly believe that there is a Blair Waldorf quote or facial expression for almost every situation in life.

So… in light of all this I’m compiling it all into one single Waldorf Words of Wisdom Worship post. Scroll away to your little hearts content fellow Blair lovers!

Motivational Motos:

Surprisingly there’s a lot of these to go around. Venomous insults of course still reign supreme in the Blair Waldorf quote universe but there is a substantial amount nonetheless. She could really go for a career as a motivational speaker or a life coach even if some of these lines are anything to go by.

ed westick; gossip girl serena van der woodsen gif

Positive and determined thinking guys, Blair has it in spades.


Image result for blair waldorf your boss is a bitch let's go to lunch

This is actually kind of inspiring, not enough of us think this way when it comes to achieving our goals. I’m getting sappy I know, I’ll let the rest speak for themselves.

blair waldorf gossip girl gif

blair waldorf gossip girl gif

chuck and blair blair waldorf gif

image.gif (500×282)

Self Love 101:

Blair is a seasoned expert at self love, I think we could all benefit from taking a leaf out of her book and applying this way of thinking to ourselves.

Queen B #GG

tumblr_m6y5w7MSRb1raog92o1_500.jpg (500×265):

a6899c6080653e41064be13b6c95f081.gif (500×241)

image.png (500×282):
Bountiful. Great word.

Life sucks sometimes. Yes even if you’re Blair Waldorf:

Blair is only human, a fictional one fine yes but still human! Life gets her down sometimes too, and when it does man does she get deep.

blair waldorf gossip girl gif

Those pesky feelings…

blair waldorf photography gif

We’ve all been there B.

Image result for blair waldorf fairytale

Oh Blair, don’t we all?

blair waldorf gossip girl gif

Hits a little close to home doesn’t it?

Venomous insults:

Blair normally bounces back to ‘business as usual’ fairly quickly and dutifully starts flinging snappy wisecracks we all secretly wish we could say out loud.
When Blair says these things it’s kind of epic, I mean nobody throws insults better than Blair Waldorf. However, sadly if I or anyone else in the real world for that matter spat some of these jibes I think it might just qualify as potentially psychotic behaviour.
*Sigh* if only we lived in a fictional teen television drama.

blair-waldorf-again.jpg (450×254):

This 100% applies to when you’re on the tube and you bump into that person from school you always kind of hated for no reason and now you have to engage in awkward small talk and pretend to be interested in their new position at Blah Blah Agency when really you just want to see cute pictures of their French Bulldog (you know this because Facebook) and go on with your day.

blair waldorf quotes gossip girl quotes gif



Image result for blair waldorf

There’s that word again… kinda.


One for the dreaded extended family reunions.

serena van der woodsen leighton meester gif


Related image

Image result for blair money can't buy happiness

What I’m thinking during a passive aggressive armrest war with the person sat next to me on the tube.

All’s fair in love and war:

Blair has had her fair share of experiences in this department so of course she’s got a lot to say about the topic, much like everything else.

blair waldorf gossip girl gif

One to remember.

Blair-quotes-3-blair-waldorf-29694554-400-216.jpg (400×216):


tumblr_n0dm9tWRVL1sw36p6o1_500.gif (500×231)


I’m internally cackling.

blair-waldorf-quote-1.jpg (500×281):

An iconic musing.

Miscellaneous but iconic:

And now we’re gonna finish this up on a high with a few plain and simple legendary Waldorf gems that really epitomise the character that we all know and love.

tights are not pants blair waldorf gif

If I could plaster this on every surface all over the city I totally would, some people need some major enlightening.

image.jpg (400×224):

If you say it enough times it may just come true, right?

ob_6c41c1_tumblr-n77s58jcsz1s63gvmo1-500.png (500×277):

Blair logic. 

Is it bad that I totally relate?

Scary accurate.

285227.png (415×229):

Clearly desperate times call for credit cards.

636130128819683321585994852_tumblr_nqtniy895Z1rcgmdoo1_500.gif (500×265)

Champagne is always the answer.

Had to throw a Chuck related one in there. There simply is no Blair Waldorf without Chuck Bass.

The crème de la crème:

One quote to rule them all, one quote to find them, one quote to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


Well, that was exhilarating.

We could all definitely use a dash of Blair Waldorf in own our personalities.

But…when I say a ‘dash’ I really do mean a dash.

Unfortunately we do live in the real world, so go ahead and have those slightly homicidal thoughts just make sure you have them inside the invisible tiara wearing head of yours.
Image result for blair waldorf prom queen gif

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