2 Minutes and 45 Seconds of Escapism From the Sunday Blues You Are Currently Experiencing

Sunday kind of…. well it sucks doesn’t it?

I know I can’t be the only one whose panic levels steadily rise as the day goes on.

It is as if I’m being stalked by a giant invisible clock floating over my head, dinging every hour (louder each time) as I go about my Sunday. Ultimately this clock is counting down to Monday, everyones favourite day.

Unfortunately I’m not Adam Sandler in Click and I can’t fast forward or ‘autopilot’ myself through the week but I can provide a temporary means of escapism can’t I? That’s just as great right?! Yeah, not really. Gotta work with what you have I suppose.

So, if like me you are starting to feel yourself deflating from the constant sighs of despair, perhaps a blast from the past with a slight twist may just provide a short (2 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact) relief.

It’s Lea Salonga (a.k.a Princess Jasmine) and Il Divo singing A Whole New World and it’s kinda magical… Worth a try, no?

Make sure you click full screen and HD so you get the full effect. 

Happy Sunday!


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