So… last weekend I went to the London Glossier popup and… it was everything a beauty junkie could wish for! 

Let’s set the scene a little. 
It’s a grey, muggy Saturday afternoon in London. We are experiencing that weird indecisive rain that can’t seem to decide if it wants to fall or not. It’s a little windy so I’m having to hold down my flimsy £5 Boots umbrella with one hand. I notice a few other eager young women huddled underneath umbrellas chatting excitedly, moving towards one destination… Suddenly I spot it! There was no queue outside but there was a noticeable buzz in the air. 
The minute I stepped inside the mood changed from dreary to light and welcoming.
Picture this. Soft millennial pink, velvet armchairs perched on fluffy rugs, arched ceiling to floor mirrors peeking behind sheer pink drapes, roses the size of baby cabbages at every corner.

The products were displayed in two long narrow white display stands going down either side of the room.

I was entranced. I couldn’t resist taking a few (ahem) snaps on my phone, I wasn’t the only one though I promise! Props to the interior decorator behind the highly instagrammable look.
The downside to all this? I couldn’t purchase a single thing. Cue foot stamp and ugly crying face.
The popup was open for one day only (to the general public) for all UK beauty freaks to file in and sample the products ahead of Glossier’s plans to introduce UK shipping in October this year. 
Lucky for me, the torture of having the products dangling before me was softened by the fact that the Glossier showroom was one of my first stops on my trip to NYC and I may or may not have stocked up on a few things. Speaking of which I am yet to do a full write up on my NYC haul but this event has kicked me in to gear (sort of) and I shall be covering the Glossier products in this post. 
Glossier’s fresh, minimalist beauty aesthetic is for sure a major part of their appeal. Their slogan is probably one of my faves; skin first, make up second. As it should be. A good clean canvas is just as important as the quality of the paint and paintbrush right? I know, overused analogy but it fits perfectly.
Their sales assistants all bounce about in pink onesies with bright toothy smiles, lightly flushed cheeks and that lit from within glow. They look as if they’ve just been skipping through a dewy meadow with fluffy golden retriever puppies. The idea behind the showroom layout is literally for you to go ahead and sample all the beautifully displayed products before being handed a little checklist to fill out. You then take your checklist up with you to the counter where you make your purchase. Easy peasy. 
Okay. Gushing over. Let’s dive straight into my thoughts on some of the products shall we?

Cloud paint:

I love everything about this whole entire concept. These little tubes are pretty much a cheek stain. As someone with dry skin, I tend to avoid powder blushes (Although Nars Orgasm is forever an exception) so a highly pigmented, liquid gel blush in cute and compact packaging is a godsend. The colour that intrigued me the most in the range was dusk, a sunset hued peach tone, reminiscent of those lazy afternoons after school watching cartoons in the summer while the setting sun streamed in through the blinds. I’m waxing poetic, I know, it’s kinda my thing sorry not sorry.
I have tried applying these in various different ways: finger to cheek, beauty blender dab and a dab and swipe with my Zoeva cream cheek brush. I’ve personally had the best results with the brush as this is shaped and angled in a way that allows me a little more control over where I am applying the product. I literally squeeze a small amount onto the back of my hand and dab my brush in before lightly applying to my face in an upwards angle (Hung Vango tip!). I’ve found that the beauty blender tends to soak up the product so I need to use more and layer to get the same effect that I have with a brush. Applying with my fingers on the other hand made it look a little patchy, but that’s not unusual for me in general with applying any makeup with my fingers. Obviously everyone will have their own methods that work for their face.
The packaging is super cute and perfect to slip in your handbag inner pocket for later touchups. A little caution is advised when squeezing the product out as you do end up with a lot more than you need. Another plus is that it is very build-able and mixable with the other colours in the range.

Balm Dotcom Skin Salve:

These babies come in a variety of flavours, I went for coconut and cherry. The cherry appealed to me mostly because it gives your lips a little tint which I love – Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia is my holy grail daily go to. I also use it on my cheeks for a nice subtle flush.
The coconut however is for sure my favourite. The smell alone makes me want to slather it everywhere. The scent is warm and rich but not at all overpowering which coconut can sometimes be.  Heavenly smell aside, the salve itself is also pretty hydrating, smooth and easy to spread, although I’ve found it does require fairly frequent applications throughout the day.  I admit, I do really love these but not enough that they knock my holy grail balms – Carmex and Burts Bees tinted lip balm. 

Lip gloss: 

With a brand name like Glossier, the expectations on the lipgloss are high. This is plain and simple a straight up clear gloss. No sparkles, no glitter, no stinging sensation just gloss done the right way. The formula is fairly thick and you really don’t need a huge amount to completely coat your lips, less is definitely more otherwise it is overkill. The Vitamin E in the formula keeps your lips nice and hydrated so they don’t dry up after about 30 mins like some lip gloss’s tend to do. Claims are that it is not sticky which to be frank is debatable as at the end of the day it is a lip gloss, sticky is kind of the unavoidable reality of being a lip gloss. Perhaps more appropriately it should be described as on the mid to lower end of the sticky spectrum, but that doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue easily does it? 

Milky Jelly Cleanser:

I was very curious about this product however I didn’t purchase it as the actual bottle is fairly big and I am a little wary when it comes to purchasing things like cleansers as my skin is on the sensitive side and has a tendency to react so ‘try before you buy’ is my motto to live by. However, I received a sample of this with my purchase. I’m happy to say, I’ve tried this twice and my skin did not react at all. It is very gentle – no stinging, no redness, no irritation and so far no break outs. I also didn’t observe any unpleasant tightening or drying of the skin after rinsing it off. It also boasts the following: PH balanced, hypoallergenic, paraben free and sulfate free. The texture is light and reminded me a little bit of Cetaphil. The cleanser has a very light rose scent due to the rosewater in the formula.  What was the verdict on my skin? Clean, supple and fresh. Yay. 
Unfortunately, that is the extent of my Glossier arsenal… for now. I didn’t want to go overboard on my bank account you see. I will for sure be adding to my collection once UK shipping has arrived and will update accordingly. I’m very keen to try the priming moisturiser, boy brow, haloscope highlighter and the stretch concealer to name a few!
One last thing, I love the pink transparent bubble zip lock bags that they place your purchases in – so cute! Also, they sprinkle in a couple of cute add ins like stickers, everyone loves stickers right?
I shall await UK shipping with baited breath. Till then…
Happy Friday!

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