5 Fashion Trends That Need To Fade Into Infinite Obscurity

1. Kitten Heels

Related image

Yeah… can we please file these under ‘LEAVE IN THE EARLY 2000’s AND NEVER LOOK BACK’.

I truly never thought I’d see the day that these quite frankly pointless ‘heels‘ would once again haunt the streets of cities around the world. Then again stranger things have happened what with Trump being the leader of the free world and all.

The so called ‘heel‘ is about the height of a baby carrot (if that) with the thickness of a french fry.  These shoes scream ‘identity crisis’. They can’t seem to make up their mind as to what exactly they are.

Sure, I understand that they are a practical option for those who want a bit of height yet something comfortable. However, personally I’ve found that they don’t really seem to deliver as ‘practical shoes’ either. Whenever I have subjected my poor feet to try on a pair of kitten heels, I’ve always found myself teetering about and losing balance more than I would while wearing a pair of 6 inch stilettos. So, this begs the question; what exactly is the point of them?

2.Cold Shoulders

Image result for cold shoulder jumper

If I received a penny every time I had been out shopping, spotted a cute top only to pull it off the rail to reveal that there were two gaping holes at each shoulder; I would have enough money to purchase every cold shoulder top in the world and promptly toss them into a colossal raging bonfire on a private island somewhere.

Why do I despise them so intensely you ask?

Number One: They’re impractical. Especially the jumper variety that I’ve spotted people wearing in the middle of winter. It’s as cold as Siberia out there and yet people are waltzing around exposing their shoulders while wearing a chunky knit turtleneck? I’m getting Ugg boots + denim shorts flashbacks.

Number Two: They’re not pleasing to the eye. Why are we bringing attention to an area of the body that is not at all attractive in the least? Not that shoulders are unattractive per say, but their not particularly attractive either. The shape of the cut outs on these tops don’t exactly bring any interesting structure to this body part either. 

It’s as if someone in a big boardroom somewhere took the concept of jeans with rips at the knee and pitched:

“So, we’re out of ideas for women’s fashion and incompetent at coming up with new designs and concepts that are actually good. Lucky for us, I’ve found a solution.”

*Murmurs travel around the room*

“Picture this. We use an already slightly questionable design and apply it to women’s blouses and tops.”

*Pauses dramatically before prompting the next powerpoint slide*

“More specifically…”

*breathes* “Shoulders.”

Side note: For some reason I pictured Don Draper while I wrote that. No idea why, he’d never sign off on such an idea if he worked in women’s fashion.

Verdict: Cold elbows are going to be the next big ridiculous thing. I’m calling it.

3. Perspex/PVC/Transparent/’What-On-Earth-Do-You-Call-These?’ Shoes.

I’m not going to go on a rant here. I’ll let the image speak for itself. 

Yeah. I want to gag too.

4. Tiny Sunglasses

Image result for small sunglasses

I’m a little confused. Do these even provide UV protection? 

More importantly how on earth are these supposed to cover the bags under my eyes on those days I dare to venture outside to run errands sans makeup?

Apparently this style of sunnies sold out on Asos when they first dropped in October last year so I guess that means they’re unfortunately here to stay. Yet again, thanks a lot Kanye.

5. All or Nothing Tops

Someone please tell me, what exactly is going on here? 

You’ve got your cold shoulders, a little pleating, some peplum, a few unnecessary cut outs and ruffles galore! I don’t really know what to call these so I’ve dubbed them ‘All or Nothing’ tops. This must have been another genius idea cooked up by the same person who came up with cold shoulder tops.

There’s nothing wrong with each of these designs individually (except cold shoulders of course) but lately I’ve been seeing an overabundance of tops that have a million different bold elements going on at once. 

I get that the whole whimsical, quirky, mismatched clothes trend is a big thing right now, but can we at least tone it down a little?

I love a daring, boundary pushing piece of clothing as much as the next person, but this is simply overkill.

Best Of Beauty: Oscars 2018


zendaya Oscars 2018

The ever-gorgeous Zendaya brought ‘sultry glam’ to the red carpet. Her hair was pulled up into a precise, chic topknot allowing all attention to land on her glowing skin and fierce brows.

Sheika Daley, the celeb make-up artist behind this stunning look explains “Zendaya’s look was inspired by 1970’s Mohagany Glam with the eyes matching the beautiful chocolate color of the dress”.

View this post on Instagram

Z E N D A Y A ✨

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The products used were all from Charlotte Tilbury’s range from skin prep to the final smatterings of powder. Check out Sheika’s Instagram ‘officialsheiks’ for a full breakdown.

Margot Robbie

Image result for margot robbie oscars

With Margot’s fantastic bone structure and stunning facial features there isn’t really a lot that she can’t pull off. This understated, almost angelic look crafted by the expert hands of Pati Dubroff is no exception.

Margot’s hair was sleek and freshly trimmed by celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett. “Her dress was extremely feminine and elegant, and we wanted to take the length of her hair up to make sure that it felt very classic and modern to go with her gorgeous dress.”  Bryce used Moroccan Oil products to create this blunt, s-waved bob.

Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira - HarpersBAZAAR.com

This is easily one of my favourite looks of the night! The creativity behind this really makes it stand out. I did a little research and uncovered the mastermind behind Danai’s hair; Vernon Scott, who took inspiration from African Ancestral Tribal face paint. Take a look at his mood board/visual treatment below.

Eiza Gonzalez

eiza gonzalez oscars 2018

Fresh and young are the words that come to mind when I see this entire look. Eiza’s base and eyes were kept simple (yet flawless nonetheless) to really allow the orange toned red lipstick to pop and compliment her bright and sunny gown.

Fun fact: Most if not all products used were high street/drug store.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Best Beauty Looks from the 2018 Oscars - Jennifer Lawrence  from InStyle.com

I truly don’t know which part of this I like the most! The burnt orange lip, the sultry smoky eyes, those textured eighties-like blonde curls. I was not at all surprised to learn that Hung Vanngo was the genius behind J-Law’s makeup, yet again he gets it right.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o - HarpersBAZAAR.com

Every time I see Lupita, I find myself trying to figure out whether she is an actual goddess or a mere mortal like the rest of us. Frankly, I’m leaning towards the former.

She is one of those rare people who, in my humble opinion, always exudes grace and a certain regal aura. So, it comes as no surprise that she is adorned and swathed in glittering hues of gold and deep royal blue. Nick Barose, the creator of this look, shared his artistic vision and inspiration on his Instagram and cited the heavy influence of the Ancient Egyptians. This is another example of pure creativity on the red carpet that I’d love to see more and more of.

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Last night make up inspo on the star of @blackpanther @lupitanyongo 💅🏼💥💥💥 Egyptian #goddess of war #sekhmet lioness eyes. 🦁👁⚔️ Beauty inspos that come from museums and other culture will always be cooler ( and when u see images of your client looking like one of those classical bust you see in museum, it’s more fun ) I love the Ancient Egyptian royal colors combo, pairing gold with Egyptian blue. ✨✨✨💙 When it comes to blue as eye make up color, you can wear it with out it screaming BLUE from across the red carpet, mix bright royal blue with navy and black and you can do it with liquid liner too if you want more discreet lines ( like @lancomeofficial #Artliner in Saphire 💙) or lining inner rims for extra intensity ( #DramaLiqui pencil in Bleu Magique ✍🏿 ) and shimmery blue eye shadow ( #ColorDesign Eyeshadow in All Made Up 💙) that can be blended in with black, deep navy and grey. #lupitanyongo #oscars #academyawards #Redcarpet #Lancome #LancomeRedcarpet @lancomeofficial

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Andra Day

Andra Day - HarpersBAZAAR.com

Is anyone else getting major Rihanna vibes here? I swear, I had to do a double take at first.

This dreamy, over the top look is sublime! I adore the entire floral inspiration that literally runs from head to toe.

Dusky pink smoky eye, bold brows, flawless complexion and… are those lavender buds in her hair? Honestly, all those elements combined with that heaving bosom make me believe that Andra looks as if she belongs in a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

Jennifer Garner


Does this woman ever not look radiant?

The main star of this look is without a doubt those full, voluminous locks of hair swept effortlessly to one side in true old hollywood fashion. Hair stylist Adir Abergel told Allure “I pulled a lot of images of Sofia Loren, early Elizabeth Taylor, where the hair was big and sexy yet effortless,”. He concludes with “The key to the style is shiny, healthy hair.”.

Check out this link for a behind the scenes, step by step guide to achieve this look.

Taraji P. Henson

Image result for taraji p henson oscars

Taraji, as per usual, looked fierce and sexy. The hair was sleek and framed her face beautifully to really show off  her bold berry lips paired with a frosty lilac eyeshadow.

Make up artist Ashunta Sheriff used a host of products ranging from her own brand foundation, cult favourite Glossier and our trusty old Vaseline. A detailed step by step breakdown can be found on her Instagram or alternatively have a read through Ashunta’s interview with Coveteur. 



It’s National Lipstick Day!

Today we have a yet another grey dreary Saturday in London, however it is National Lipstick Day so why the hell not brighten things up with a fun pop of colour and make a post out of it? Also, any excuse for a selfie really…

Hi internet…

So… here’s what’s on my face:

Lipstick – No7 Match Made Stay Perfect Lipstick in the shade Gay Geranium

Foundation- Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation in Bisque Neutral

Mascara- Benefit Roller Lash + Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara 

Blush – TheBalm How ’bout Them Apples lip and cheek palette in a mix of the shades Crisp & Caramel (my faves!)

Contour (done very lightly)- Kat Von D Light and Shade Palette in the shade Sombre 

Highlight- Benefit Watts Up Cream Highlighter layered with the highlight shade in Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit, Ultra Fair C01

Brows- Very Lightly filled in with Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit in Dark Brown 

Here’s some fun lipstick inspo for you to feast your eyes on. Just because.


Also, I am on the hunt for an awesome orange lip shade. I was insanely inspired (seriously I’ve been obsessing like mad) by last week’s Stylist cover of the gorgeous Neelam Gill wearing L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in 203 Tangerine.


The reviews of this product aren’t exactly great but I’m thinking I’ll pop out and grab it anyway and give it a go so watch this spot!

Happy Weekending!



So… last weekend I went to the London Glossier popup and… it was everything a beauty junkie could wish for! 

Let’s set the scene a little. 
It’s a grey, muggy Saturday afternoon in London. We are experiencing that weird indecisive rain that can’t seem to decide if it wants to fall or not. It’s a little windy so I’m having to hold down my flimsy £5 Boots umbrella with one hand. I notice a few other eager young women huddled underneath umbrellas chatting excitedly, moving towards one destination… Suddenly I spot it! There was no queue outside but there was a noticeable buzz in the air. 
The minute I stepped inside the mood changed from dreary to light and welcoming.
Picture this. Soft millennial pink, velvet armchairs perched on fluffy rugs, arched ceiling to floor mirrors peeking behind sheer pink drapes, roses the size of baby cabbages at every corner.

The products were displayed in two long narrow white display stands going down either side of the room.

I was entranced. I couldn’t resist taking a few (ahem) snaps on my phone, I wasn’t the only one though I promise! Props to the interior decorator behind the highly instagrammable look.
The downside to all this? I couldn’t purchase a single thing. Cue foot stamp and ugly crying face.
The popup was open for one day only (to the general public) for all UK beauty freaks to file in and sample the products ahead of Glossier’s plans to introduce UK shipping in October this year. 
Lucky for me, the torture of having the products dangling before me was softened by the fact that the Glossier showroom was one of my first stops on my trip to NYC and I may or may not have stocked up on a few things. Speaking of which I am yet to do a full write up on my NYC haul but this event has kicked me in to gear (sort of) and I shall be covering the Glossier products in this post. 
Glossier’s fresh, minimalist beauty aesthetic is for sure a major part of their appeal. Their slogan is probably one of my faves; skin first, make up second. As it should be. A good clean canvas is just as important as the quality of the paint and paintbrush right? I know, overused analogy but it fits perfectly.
Their sales assistants all bounce about in pink onesies with bright toothy smiles, lightly flushed cheeks and that lit from within glow. They look as if they’ve just been skipping through a dewy meadow with fluffy golden retriever puppies. The idea behind the showroom layout is literally for you to go ahead and sample all the beautifully displayed products before being handed a little checklist to fill out. You then take your checklist up with you to the counter where you make your purchase. Easy peasy. 
Okay. Gushing over. Let’s dive straight into my thoughts on some of the products shall we?

Cloud paint:

I love everything about this whole entire concept. These little tubes are pretty much a cheek stain. As someone with dry skin, I tend to avoid powder blushes (Although Nars Orgasm is forever an exception) so a highly pigmented, liquid gel blush in cute and compact packaging is a godsend. The colour that intrigued me the most in the range was dusk, a sunset hued peach tone, reminiscent of those lazy afternoons after school watching cartoons in the summer while the setting sun streamed in through the blinds. I’m waxing poetic, I know, it’s kinda my thing sorry not sorry.
I have tried applying these in various different ways: finger to cheek, beauty blender dab and a dab and swipe with my Zoeva cream cheek brush. I’ve personally had the best results with the brush as this is shaped and angled in a way that allows me a little more control over where I am applying the product. I literally squeeze a small amount onto the back of my hand and dab my brush in before lightly applying to my face in an upwards angle (Hung Vango tip!). I’ve found that the beauty blender tends to soak up the product so I need to use more and layer to get the same effect that I have with a brush. Applying with my fingers on the other hand made it look a little patchy, but that’s not unusual for me in general with applying any makeup with my fingers. Obviously everyone will have their own methods that work for their face.
The packaging is super cute and perfect to slip in your handbag inner pocket for later touchups. A little caution is advised when squeezing the product out as you do end up with a lot more than you need. Another plus is that it is very build-able and mixable with the other colours in the range.

Balm Dotcom Skin Salve:

These babies come in a variety of flavours, I went for coconut and cherry. The cherry appealed to me mostly because it gives your lips a little tint which I love – Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia is my holy grail daily go to. I also use it on my cheeks for a nice subtle flush.
The coconut however is for sure my favourite. The smell alone makes me want to slather it everywhere. The scent is warm and rich but not at all overpowering which coconut can sometimes be.  Heavenly smell aside, the salve itself is also pretty hydrating, smooth and easy to spread, although I’ve found it does require fairly frequent applications throughout the day.  I admit, I do really love these but not enough that they knock my holy grail balms – Carmex and Burts Bees tinted lip balm. 

Lip gloss: 

With a brand name like Glossier, the expectations on the lipgloss are high. This is plain and simple a straight up clear gloss. No sparkles, no glitter, no stinging sensation just gloss done the right way. The formula is fairly thick and you really don’t need a huge amount to completely coat your lips, less is definitely more otherwise it is overkill. The Vitamin E in the formula keeps your lips nice and hydrated so they don’t dry up after about 30 mins like some lip gloss’s tend to do. Claims are that it is not sticky which to be frank is debatable as at the end of the day it is a lip gloss, sticky is kind of the unavoidable reality of being a lip gloss. Perhaps more appropriately it should be described as on the mid to lower end of the sticky spectrum, but that doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue easily does it? 

Milky Jelly Cleanser:

I was very curious about this product however I didn’t purchase it as the actual bottle is fairly big and I am a little wary when it comes to purchasing things like cleansers as my skin is on the sensitive side and has a tendency to react so ‘try before you buy’ is my motto to live by. However, I received a sample of this with my purchase. I’m happy to say, I’ve tried this twice and my skin did not react at all. It is very gentle – no stinging, no redness, no irritation and so far no break outs. I also didn’t observe any unpleasant tightening or drying of the skin after rinsing it off. It also boasts the following: PH balanced, hypoallergenic, paraben free and sulfate free. The texture is light and reminded me a little bit of Cetaphil. The cleanser has a very light rose scent due to the rosewater in the formula.  What was the verdict on my skin? Clean, supple and fresh. Yay. 
Unfortunately, that is the extent of my Glossier arsenal… for now. I didn’t want to go overboard on my bank account you see. I will for sure be adding to my collection once UK shipping has arrived and will update accordingly. I’m very keen to try the priming moisturiser, boy brow, haloscope highlighter and the stretch concealer to name a few!
One last thing, I love the pink transparent bubble zip lock bags that they place your purchases in – so cute! Also, they sprinkle in a couple of cute add ins like stickers, everyone loves stickers right?
I shall await UK shipping with baited breath. Till then…
Happy Friday!

‘Wonder Woman’ worth the hype?

Image result for wonder womanSo, last night I went to the movies to see Wonder Woman. I walked in with zero expectations, a norm for me nowadays as most blockbusters leave me cold and unimpressed. I was also a little concerned, I hate to admit this but I couldn’t help but wonder is the movie really and truly good or is everyone just being PC and praising a big blockbuster movie about a female superhero simply because it exists?

Let me tell you plain and simple, that is definitely not the case here. For once in what feels like a long time a movie is getting hype because it is genuinely 100% worth the hype. Wonder Woman is truly wonderful – see what I did there? 

Gal Gadot carried the film effortlessly with bundles of charisma.  I remember having my reservations about her casting when the news first broke but I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Gal’s portrayal of Diana possessed all the usual suspects we attribute with Wonder Woman: fierceness, determination, justice, confidence and intelligence. However, she also brought another softer side to her. There was a sense of innocence and a child-like curiosity that I feel really strengthened the character and added an interesting element to her interactions with her surroundings and the other characters in the film. The performance was natural yet complex and I had the sense that I was going on this journey with her. I really applaud her. It certainly cannot be easy to play such an iconic figure and make it your own but she pulled it off perfectly.

The film itself was entertaining and well balanced in that it brought full on action (trust me I left the cinema ready to sign up for martial arts lessons) but it also had many comedic moments as well as some very memorable more touching scenes where I admit I was holding back the tears. It is an action packed, thrilling blockbuster with a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. Just how we like them right? 

The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was charming and probably one of my favourite parts of the film. I also loved the connection with Robin Wright’s character (who by the way is a complete badass in this film). 

Image result for robin wright wonder woman

Another thing I enjoyed was way the film handled the age old theme of good vs evil. Without giving away too much to those that haven’t seen it, a prominent theme that featured throughout the movie was the struggle between light and dark that lives in all of humanity. A lot of blockbuster films make the mistake of having two clear sides: good and evil, black and white, good guys and bad guys. It is always either or, there is no in between. Not only is this unrealistic, but from a storytelling point of view it is simply not interesting in my opinion. 

I mean, why are we so drawn to those iconic flawed anti-hero type characters? Because they have complexity that we relate to. There is an internal struggle happening that translates well on screen (if the acting is done right) and intrigues the audience. 

Big props to the director Patty Jenkins. No doubt she was under tremendous pressure and had to work ten times harder than her male contemporaries to make a fantastic film as let’s be honest, she would have been ripped apart ten times worse if it had flopped. 

Now, the movie is of course not perfect (few are). It has a few cheesy cliché moments and some stereotypical stock characters. The CGI was a little dodgy towards the end and there were also a few major plot points that I had already predicted would happen simply because I’m familiar with how movies these days work.

With regards to diversity in the casting, some people have argued that while it is a step in the right direction for feminism in Hollywood, we still need to go further. For example, this movie was still fairly white dominated. Not to mention it seemed (in my opinion anyway) that everyone was straight. I was standing behind a gay couple while waiting in line for the bathroom who were discussing the film and I overheard one of them say “I would have appreciated a few more gay characters”. I don’t really blame them, there is literally an entire island full of Amazonian women with no men to be seen.

While I’m on this mini critique, I want to put forward the question: will we ever see a big blockbuster movie with an average (or below average) looking female lead?

Wonder Woman is an epic female character don’t get me wrong, but she is still beautiful. Would the movie still be doing so well if Gal Gadot was not also stunning? Would wider audiences still be interested in watching it? I am nit picking here of course. 

Anyway, rant over. Long story short, I definitely did not regret buying my ticket last night, not one little bit. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked out of the cinema so satisfied. 

Go watch it if you haven’t already! Go go go!


Becoming Blonde(ish). A coming of age tale.

Hey fellow anti-socialites,

So, I know I promised I was going to do a breakdown of my NYC goodies however I have yet to properly sample some of the products. Since I want my commentary to be spot on, that post will have to wait just a teeny bit longer!

On the other hand, I couldn’t bear to leave this blog on hiatus for another second and I had a eureka moment in the middle of my Sunday grooming session. 

For some time now I’ve been meaning to make a post regarding the various trials and tribulations my hair and I have endured together, more specifically my adventures with colour. 

You may see from my icon image that looms over my blog like I’m some sort of creepy dictator, that I am currently blonde(ish).

I say currently as in fact my natural colour is dark. Shocker I know.

The transition from dark to light wasn’t an overnight miracle by any means and it was something that I had been considering and carefully thinking about for a long time.

Before jumping into it, I used to occasionally test the waters by not so subtly asking family, friends and colleagues for their blessing. Much to my disappointment, I was consistently met with one resounding response; NAY. Cue the violins 

And you know what else?

People would always follow up their rejection by asking me why I don’t like my own natural colour. Thanks for assuming guys.  Here’s a shocking piece of information; I do like it. I’m not keen to go blonde because I have some sort of deep rooted insecurity eating away at my soul about being a brunette. The simple fact is I just feel like it.  As cliché as it sounds, life is too short to only be one shade. If you do it gradually and give your hair the needed TLC, why the hell not do it? Experiment! 

 As you can probably tell, in the face of rejection I was defiant. Scratch that. Maybe obsessive is the better word. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Every time I spotted someone with luminous blonde hair I looked on with longing.  I’m sure I creeped a few poor girls out. Sorry guys.

As time passed I grew more obsessed. If not for Pinterest I probably would have gone old school and ripped out magazine images and created a collage to rival my 10-year-old self’s Leonardo DiCaprio shrine. 

Despite my growing obsession, I was conflicted. That pesky little voice in my head would come out to play.

What if it suit doesn’t you? All your friends and family made it clear going blonde is a no-go zone. And hey remember that little thing called money? Yeah that. That’s a whole other avenue you don’t want to stroll down.

Eventually after years of swinging back and forth on the issue, I made up my mind and muffled the voice. The fact of the matter was that this was one of those things I just had to do otherwise it was going to be forever on the back of my mind. Kind of like when you spot a spider in your room and you obsessively follow it’s every move for fear of losing it and finding it dangling over your face as you wake up the next morning. Eventually you realise it’s not actually practical to have your eyes glued to a spider all night (who would have thought?) and you need to adult and do something about it. I digress. 

 Now before rocking up to the first salon I could find, I did a lot of research (Google is my bestie). And I mean a lot. It’s crucial to read up about it, this is your hair after all. During my studies, I learnt a lot of important information and tips for us brunettes wanting a little blonde in our lives.

Notepads and fluffy pens ready…?

Who am I kidding? Go ahead and bookmark, screenshot, copy + paste or whatever virtual mode of note taking it is that you use these days.

Tip One: Don’t be that person who demands to go from Vivian Kensington to Elle Woods.

To go through the process properly with the least amount of damage, you may need a couple of sessions. For me, it took 3 sessions to get to where I am. Four if you include the redo (A story for another time). Not to mention for just one of those sessions I had the bleach in for about 2 and half hours. Imagine how sore my thumb was from all that bored scrolling. On the other hand, my sister’s hair only took one session to get to blonde, and she’s only a few shades lighter than me.

It’s difficult to predict what your journey will be as everyone’s hair is different. But be aware that it may require time to achieve what you want. Not only is it incredibly difficult to make drastic colour changes in one session, it is also incredibly bad for your hair.

Despite our tumultuous relationships we all have with our hair, we love it really, right? And we would never want to do major damage just to live out the fantasy of being Serena van der Woodsen, right?

During my consultations and chats with various stylists I learnt one single frustrating aspect of their job that all salons seem to share: the majority of dark haired clients still can’t grasp this fact.  

Many clients still turn up and demand something that can’t be done (I blame Kylie Jenner tbh). They then tend to get restless when informed by how long the process may take and decide to take matters into their own hands. So, it’s no surprise then that they usually end up with disastrous results and return to the salon with their tail between their legs.

Seriously, don’t be that person

The image below of Khloe Kardashian’s transformation was referred to me by quite a few stylists to give me an idea of the process.

Tip Two: Your bank account will bleed. Accept this. Sorry.

Being blonde is expensive, that’s why so many of those real housewives on TV and outside our primary schools are shimmering buttery blondes; they can afford to be.

Part of the decision to go blonde involves accepting the fact that it is going to be fairly expensive if you want it done right. 

Beware of salons promising immediate results at low prices. Be smart. On the hand, don’t just pick an expensive salon and be done with it. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better job. Shop around and compare prices. 

Don’t forget, there’s also life after achieving blonde hair. Maintenance also requires shelling out the dough. I’ve had to switch up my hair routine to increase hydration via hair masks as well as use a toning shampoo once a week. Some people won’t require toning this often but mine tends to go brassy fairly quick. On the plus side, I don’t need to wash my hair as often. As a brunette I would religiously wash it every second day. Now I’m finding I can get away with a third day as it doesn’t actually look unwashed or greasy. My theory is that this has something to do with the change in texture.


Tip Three: Choose your stylist wisely. 

This kind of runs off my previous point. Once I had made up my mind to go blonde I was looking up salons, reading reviews, checking out their social media pages and booking consultations left and right in the search for the right colourist. As I’ve hopefully drilled into your head by now, I myself knew that any colourist who knew their trade was not going to promise me Margot Robbie hair with the snap of a finger. 

I highly recommend you book a consultation with every salon you are considering. It is a great chance for both parties to discuss what it is that you want, what can be achieved and what to expect from the process. Come with pictures if you feel a visual guide would better express what you’re after. Try to be flexible though! Keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different and stylists aren’t magicians so chances are it won’t look exactly like the picture. They’ll take the main elements of what you are after and apply that to your hair. 

During a consultation, the stylist will ask you questions on various things before they formulate a game plan. They’ll want to know whether you dyed your hair previously and if so with what and how long ago? How do you normally style it and what products do you normally use? They’ll check out your hair’s texture. Your facial undertones and colouring also play a role as well as seemingly insignificant details like the kind of jewellery and clothes you wear. 

Keep in mind that they aren’t psychics, there is no way of knowing how well your hair will lift with the bleach until it’s slapped on. It’s important to note that hair lifts much easier if you haven’t coloured it previously. What hindered my hair from lifting was the fact that I had dyed it dark colours in the past and there was still traces of this in my hair. My colourist would physically show me the difference while the bleach was on my hair by showing me strands that were originally my natural colour and those that had been dyed. The difference was evident. If you have previously coloured your hair, make sure you let them know so they can plan ahead and tailor the process to suit your hair. 


Tip Four: Be prepared to hate it… at first. 

Fact of the matter is, it’s a drastic change. You are either going to love it or you are going to want to ugly cry the minute you get home. Mentally prepare yourself for that initial reaction. 

My advice? Take it easy and go with the flow. Give yourself time to settle into your new look and remember it’s just hair at the end of the day. Besides, if you have followed all the above tips I can guarantee it is highly unlikely you will end up with a disaster. 

Your opinion may fluctuate for a while, I know mine did.  One minute I couldn’t stop admiring it in the mirror and the next I wanted my blanket of dark hair back, then I’d go right back to loving it again. To make matters more confusing, for me it was a double adjustment as I was still getting used to a shorter hair-cut when I decided to go blonde.

Note: Keep in mind that the transition colour is not what the result is going to look like. Sometimes you need to go through a brassy orange toned stage before achieving the colour you want. It’s all part of the process.

Tip Five: More changes are on the horizon. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, bleaching is incredibly damaging to hair. Even today with Olaplex and various other high tech treatments the process of going light takes a toll

Remember when I mentioned noticing a change in the texture of my hair? As a brunette my hair was always silky and hydrated. Now it is considerably more dehydrated. Not dramatically dehydrated, don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely not at the thin and straw-like end of the spectrum, however it is enough for me to notice a difference.

There are options for dealing with this. Invest in a good weekly deep conditioning mask. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner is a great option for only £4.99. Plus they have these cute little 20ml sachets you can buy for just over £1. These little guys lasted me at least 3/4 washes. If you’ve got the means to splurge check out the Kérastase range. These are only a few suggestions. Same goes for toning products, there are plenty of great products out there.

That’s pretty much the main points I felt the need to word vomit on this subject. To finish off I’m going to treat you to a lovely visual presentation of my journey… backwards. Let’s pretend some of these aren’t low res selfies shall we?

 That last one is a pretty old photo from when I used to dye it black but I included it purely so you can see just how dark it used to be.

So, where do I go from here? Blonder? Back to the dark side? Maybe take a little inspiration from Ariel?

Who knows. For now though my hair definitely needs a little vacation. 

Watch this space! 


I took a bite out of the big apple…

Related image

And now I’m trying in all earnestness (and pathetically failing) to swallow it down and not choke as my throat tightens on the panic of being back to reality.

Sorry, too graphic?

The plain and simple point of this update is to inform you that the past couple of weeks I’ve been away in NYC and have only just recently returned, hence the radio silence on this blog.

However, more posts are on their way as I may have lost my mind (and pulled a Cinderella and left it) while keenly lurking about in Sephora, the Glossier Showroom and Nordstrom Rack.

In other words: I got the goodies. I shall be sharing said goodies with the world wide web very very soon!

Stay tuned.



90’s Supermodels – A visual reminder on what it means to truly be a supermodel.

Make everyday a great skin daywith these tips from ourin-house professionals! (3)

Ah the 90s.

A decade reflected upon with equal parts fondness and equal parts cringe… Much like all the others I suppose. While every decade has it’s trends that are either celebrated or shunned in the present day, there is one thing that makes the 90s special – it was the final (sadly) decade of the true supermodel.

Let’s be brutally honest. Today’s it-girls don’t hold a candle to the likes of Cindy, Naomi and Christy (to name a few). They are not bad models by any means, but they are simply not supermodels – a term that I’ve noticed is being thrown around a lot these days.

Being hailed a supermodel has to mean something.  They all had spark, a sense of drama and energy. There was something special in the stare and the sharp, elegant struts that seems to be lost on the catwalks of today.  

While those qualities may now be lost forever in the 90’s, there is one good thing we have in this decade…The internet! Our beloved supermodels are now only a google/youtube search away! We can ooh and ahh to our hearts content whenever we’re feeling a little nostalgic. So, let’s bask in their Amazonian limbed, jagged cheek-boned, glossy haired glory shall we?


1. Linda, Naomi and Christy – Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.


2. Helena Christensen at Gianni Versace’s Fall 1992 “Miss S&M” show. Her face is everything.

3. That time Kate Moss made a ghostly comeback at Alexander Mcqueen’s 2006 ‘Widows of Culloden’ show in Paris. Having seen a replica at the Savage Beauty exhibition a couple of years ago I can confirm that it is indeed epic. So much so that I personally was moved to tears at it’s eerie beauty.


3. This one needs no introduction. Cindy Crawford’s iconic 1992 Pepsi commercial. Watch it here.

4. When Naomi Campbell almost killed a man on the runway.

4. This beautiful shot captured by Herb Ritts in 1989. There’s an aura of trust and vulnerability here, no?


5. Tyra walking for Victoria’s Secret. We should all aspire to this level of confidence.


6. Naomi making sure nobody forgets that she is the undisputed queen of the runway.


7. Christy: giving us resting bitch face before it was even a thing.

8. Hair flip goals anyone?

9. Linda Evangelista. Needs no comment really.


10. Yasmeen Ghauri. Discovered while working at McDonalds – true story.

Perhaps one the lesser known of the supermodels but no less iconic. Which is why I feel she needs a little introduction as she is arguably one of the best runway walkers of all time (youtube her to check out her famed walk). Yasmeen’s debut in the late 80s was right at the height of the ‘All American girl’ type of models (a la Elle Macpherson) that were highly sought after at that time. Her entrance influenced a new era where designers began casting what they called ‘exotic’ models on their runways. Her career, while booming, was short lived. In 1996 she choose to retire, get married, start a family and live a normal life out of the spotlight and off the runway.




I believe the point has been made. Those were the days. The 90’s without a doubt heralded the last true supermodels.

While the last true supermodels will remain untouchable, I suppose we can always hope that the future will hail a new era? 

Watch this space.



Met gala 2017: The Best of Beauty

This years Met Gala gave us a lot of interesting beauty looks, here are my faves!

Standout look: Selena Gomez.

Hands down my favourite! Pink has been declared the colour for this year and I have to say, I approve massively. So far we’ve been seeing a lot on the runways as well as in stores. Now, it’s officially spreading over to our eyelids if this years Met Gala is anything to go by.

Selena’s fun and vibrant look was crafted by the hands of talented celeb makeup artist Hung Vanngo.


Rihanna: Pink fever continued…

Riri has sealed her status as Queen of the Met Gala for sure. Always managing to effortlessly balance looking fantastic and staying true to theme (which usually means pulling off the OTT). I shall let the explosion of pink and that heavenly highlight speak for itself. This 80s inspired ‘draping’ look was created by Lora Arellano, founder of Melt Cosmetics.


Taylor Hill

Another one to add to the pink trend, although this is perhaps a smidge more towards the purple side of the spectrum. Stunning Taylor Hill rocks a sultry cranberry hued smokey eye and a lit from within glow. Credit for this mastery goes to Patrick Ta. 

Glowing goddess

If I was to pick a physical representation of what happy skin looks like, this would be it. Giselle’s face is bursting with radiance. This is yet another look by Hung Vanngo.



Lily Collins:

This look screams bold from all angles. Every feature is dramatised. The blunt black hair, thick brows, dramatic spider lashes and deep burgundy lipstick contrast stunningly against Lily’s snow white complexion.  Fiona Stiles I applaud you.


Honourable Mentions:

Zendaya, Candice Swanepoel and Lily-Rose Depp

Dry, flaky nose? Quick tip over here!

So, flu season is coming to an end – yay!

However hay fever season is swiftly swooping in to keep up us suffering and sniffling…. Nay.

My poor nose has been through a lifetime of constant abuse from numerous tissues and it shows!

This week I had a particularly nasty Tuesday where I was hit full force with my first bout of hay fever this year. I’m not just talking about a couple of sneezes and a few pathetic little sniffles here and there, no, this was aggressive.

Not everybody is lucky enough to experience hay fever so here’s the run down of some of the symptoms.

  • Runny nose and nasal congestion. 
  • Watery, itchy, red eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) 
  • Sneezing. 
  • Cough. 
  • Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat. 
  • Fatigue
  • Disorientation
  • Sometimes I get the strange urge to tug on the roots of my hair and rub my face, it’s strangely satisfying… not sure if anyone else also gets that?
Back to my Tuesday.
So, it got so bad to the point where by 4pm I was sitting at my desk with a Rudolph red nose, watery eyes, makeup completely ruined (I stopped caring at some point after lunch) trying to ignore the looks of pity and glances at my bright red nose thrown my way. 
Image result for rudolph red nose
Thankfully I have a manager who is also a fellow hay fever sufferer and let me leave work an hour early. 
Now, as if actually dealing with the hay fever itself isn’t enough for us Spring Time Snifflers, we also have to deal with the after effects; the dry nose. Often, after a long day of blowing,wiping, dabbing, it begins to flake rather like a delicate, multi layered pastry (aand now I’m hungry).
I’m pleased to say however that I quickly discovered a solution… Coconut oil: The magic potion of the 21st Century!
The idea to use it occurred to me in the middle of my skin care routine on Wednesday night, I had just finished moisturising and couldn’t help but notice how my moisturiser was really just sitting on top of the dry skin on my nose and not actually doing much to combat it. That’s when I noticed the coconut oil sitting innocently on my bedside table and thought, well why not? 
The crucial trick however is to gently rub it in circular motions, otherwise it’s just going to sit on top of the skin. By doing this the dry flaking layer of skin will then come off (gently remember) and ta da! A shiny new layer of skin made it’s debut.
The next day I was good as new, a fact that is pretty miraculous to me as often after a bout of hay fever my dry nose tends to stick around for what seems like forever.
So there you have it, the 2 millionth (probably) reason for why coconut oil is so awesome.
A quick note however, if you are keen to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon make sure that you do your research and go for raw/organic/virgin options. I was lucky enough to have a jar of coconut oil brought all the way over from my eyebrow technicians back yard in India where they make it themselves… pretty neat right? 
Otherwise, Amazon is always a good place to look and the reviews are particularly helpful. In case you need more persuasion, check out this Amazon review on this brand of coconut oil.
Amazing product. Skin feeling a little rough? Spread some Coconut Oil on it. Want a culinary experience like no other? Pan fry it with this coconut oil. Hair looking a bit tatty? Coconut oil! Catch your husband with that bunyip from next door, pour some Optima Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil on the laminate flooring and watch the little bitch slip and slide down the hall trying to escape in his budgie smugglers. At least his feet will be silky smooth though.